Business Finance and Consulting


Most of my business consulting is helping small business owners prepare themselves to access capital for efficiencies, expansion, or setting up new business entities. I charge an hourly fee for consulting and if look at any type of financing with compensation attached to it, the hourly rate is credited to the client when we fund any business or real estate loan.  


We can provide SBA Loans or many other types of business funding (LOC's, Business Credit Cards, Equipment Loans, Accounts Receivable leveraged financing, Merchant Cash Advances, etc.) to bring highly needed liquidity to our clients. Because some need a small business loan but don't have enough collateral to qualify, we have some options just for this...


EQUIPMENT LOANS - If you need to purchase equipment, an equipment loan can help you get it. 


MERCHANT CASH ADVANCES - With this type of financing, a lender provides you with money up front, then takes repayment by automatically deducting a percentage of your business's future credit card sales.      


ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING - A/R financing enables you to get working capital based on the receivables that your customers owe you.


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